Periodic Polygraph Examinations for Employees in an Organization

Research into the field of employment offenses has shown that it is impossible to identify any employee with a potential for betraying his employer’s trust according to a sectarian identity and socioeconomic belonging etc. In each population group there are employees who betray or who have, in the past, betrayed their employer's trust. Furthermore, many of these employees were considered to be acquainted with a manager, especially likable and earned the full trust on the part of the administration – Only a few of these instances were even published in the communications media.

There has to be trust in the employee-employer relationships, which would enable proper working, free of infinite inspections, for an organization to function effectively. A periodic polygraph examination of the employees in an organization is meant to trace suspicious employees, who betray their managers’ trust and, on the other hand, the test verifies and strengthens trust in honest employees. In addition, in organizations in which there are frequent periodic polygraph examinations, most of the employees will avoid offenses against the organization. Using periodic polygraph examinations acts as a restraint and prevents offenses, which would have occurred in any other situation. During any periodic polygraph examination, employees will be asked questions that have been prepared with the employer in advance, in accordance with the nature of the function and the organization.

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